How To Dress Up a Graphic T-Shirt

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

T-shirts aren't just for sports fans anymore! Let's face it, t-shirts are the go-to item of clothing for the average person. Male or female. I've worn plenty of dress-up clothes over the years, and I enjoyed getting dressed up to go to my professional job. But, these days I like to take a basic, graphic tee and add some pearls, maybe a long sweater or a jacket, and a bunch of bracelets and voila, a casual outfit! Even an outfit that most women could wear to work, because the lines between casual wear and professional wear have blurred quite a bit over the years.

In this example I've paired one of my favorite lightweight t-shirts with a fall green long sweater, some pearls and colored jeans. Add a pair of leopard print flats, or some booties and you're set to go.

This tee is titled "Saturday" and it's one of my very favorite designs, on a lightweight Bella Canvas t-shirt. It's part of the "Casual Friday" collection on this site.

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