How Little Texas Tees came to be.


Little Texas Tees is a little t-shirt site that's been in the works my whole life.  Let me explain.  I'm a product of the 70's, 80's and 90's.  I was born after President Kennedy was assassinated, but before the little gathering called Woodstock.  I'll wait while you Google.  

I grew up outside of town and spent a lot of time by myself when I was a kid.  I perfected skills like sewing doll clothes on my Sew Magic, typing on the old manual typewriter and writing on my chalk board until the black stuff was worn off.  I could entertain myself, for sure.


All of that has transitioned, over the years, into DIY projects, sewing on a real sewing machine and designing t-shirts.  I've skipped over some stuff, but you get the idea.  

Some of my designs are inspired by memories and experiences, and some are created for friends and family.  I've put together a collection of tees,  Barbara DuPree's Collection,  featuring original watercolor florals painted by my mother.  I'm really excited about sharing my designs and my mother's art through these tees!

Go to my contact page and drop me a line!   (Preferably good news!)

I'd love to hear from you!